1988, Norway, climbing since 1997
Hey, I am
"I fell in love with climbing 20 years ago and since then it’s taken me on this crazy journey that I hope never ends."
....Warum kletterst du? .. Why do you climb? ....
I feel like a better version of myself when I climb. Climbing gives me confidence and the playful nature of the sport brings out my inner child. 
....Wie sieht dein Training aus? .. How does your training look like? ....
My training looks very different from week to week. During hard weeks of training I spend up to 30 hours in the gym. I travel and climb outside a lot as well, which is an important part of my training. Because when I dedicate myself to a project outside I will try a lot harder than I’m able to in the gym.
....Hast du einen Tipp für Anfänger? .. Do you have an advice for beginner? ....
My advice for beginners is to climb with people who make you psyched. Preferable someone who’s a little bit better than yourself, so that you always have something to reach for.
Foto : Jan Vincent Kleine
Foto : Jan Vincent Kleine
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